Apocalypse on Aisle 4

This is the blog companion to Apocalypse on Aisle 4, a seminar which I presented at the 2005 Cornerstone Music Festival.

It’s a big festival. But the seminar did not take place on the Main Stage in front of thousands and between sets by bands like Urinal Cake and Tomfoolery.

It took place in the Imaginarium, a medium-sized tent full of people running their mouths about C.S. Lewis, Santo and Blue Demon vs. Doctor Frankenstein, Aurora monster models, G.K. Chesterton, film noir, Flannery O’Connor, kaiju, and the philosophical underpinnings of the “prime directive” as though all of this fits within some undefinable category. Call it “mythopoeic” or “the numinous” or “wonder” with a side order of “glow in the dark.”

This is the crowd that listened to me go on and on about commodification and consumer culture and alien invasions and Guy Debord. The seminar is a three parter:

  1. Apocalypse on Aisle 4
  2. The Parking Lot of Babel
  3. Household Gods

This blog gives you access to the podcast versions (see Links) and pdf versions for printing (ditto). Perhaps most importantly, you can add your comments which may then be perused by other folks (and me) who may offer further comment, etc.

Have at it.

P.S. Yes, I made up Urinal Cake and Tomfoolery.


~ by christianhalloweenfan on July 23, 2005.

8 Responses to “Apocalypse on Aisle 4”

  1. Is the “excuse me, ghidorah” sign somewhere in Tokyo, maybe near the Toho building? Wasn’t there a Godzilla statue in the financial district of Tokyo?

    I found a nice blog of “Quest for Godzilla”:


    and some better pics of “Gojira”:


    Great writing,

    Gary in Portland

  2. The “excuse me, ghidorah” sign is a mixture of (1) a ghidorah toy, (2) a strange airport terminal sign from a stock photo, and (3) the wonders of Photoshop.

    Try this site for kaiju sound bites:



  3. Hey there, Lint – cool blog.

    I discovered this afternoon that Barb Nicolosi, whose blog I like to visit, had an interesting Flannery moment while working on a screenplay recently… check it out: http://www.churchofthemasses.blogspot.com.


  4. Help! I am lost. I was searching for toy game and somehow ended up here. How that happened I don’t know, however I do like your Blog a lot. Would you mind if I add your Blog to my favorites page so others can visit?

  5. Great talk! You stated that you went from agnostic to christian to catholic. Do you have a conversion story?

  6. Well, if you want the Catholic conversion story,
    go to http://www.theymademeacatholic.com. That’s a sort of “conceptual” approach to the process, minus the personal events and sufferings and what have you that also played a part. As for the agnostic to Christian conversion, I don’t really have anything on the web. Some of the ideas can be found in an article I did for Wonder magazine called “Monster Fan 200” which is at http://www.cornerstonemag.com/imaginarium/features/fan2000.html.
    There was an article called “A Supernatural God”
    that goes into the conversion to Christianity — but
    it isn’t on the web. Maybe I’ll look into that.

    I’m glad you like the podcast. If you have any
    ideas or critiques, please let me know.

    How did you run across the podcast?


  7. Also, Anonymous, (may I call you Anon?) I’m trying to figure out how your post ended up attached to the very first blog instead of to the most recent blog. Could you clue me in? Maybe I am supposed to fix it so posts can only be added to the most recent somehow…


  8. Lint,
    Anon here, or you can call me Mark. I found your site with a podcast search. I don’t remember which one though. Peter Kreeft is one of my favorite authors and I think that is what led me to your site. My key search words are catholic. Remember its the web, one thing lead to another. Finished your 3 part series and thought it was great! In the third talk I liked how you put the stretching Christmas idea to be the liturgical year. I just printed out the theymademeacatholic.com site and will read it tonite. I could not find the other article though. Great job exposing the consummer culture we live in. Mark

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