Well, it seemed odd. There were around a thousand folks downloading the Apocalypse on Aisle 4 podcasts, but not that many comments on the blogsite. And then, lo and behold, I discovered that the ability to add comments was TURNED OFF! May I express a little frustration? Thank you.



Okay. You know that just doesn’t feel as good in print as it does when you can use the old vocal chords. Anyway, I apologize to everyone who attempted to add a comment and discovered they were technically mute. Please, if you have any thoughts about commodification, alien invasions that resemble commodification, or the reverse, or whatever, feel free to jot those thoughts down.

For myself, I recently was reminded of why I was so interested in commodification: I am a sucker for it. My house is full of books I haven’t read yet, toys, videos, dvds, and assorted stuff shoved into corners. Very much like the multiplication of teddy bears and Happy Meal toys mentioned in “Consuming Religion.” Some new friends came over and asked me about the podcast’s content and it was embarassing to talk about consumer desire in such a setting. I felt like a junkie condemning drugs while looking for a good vein to tap.

Anyhow, it’s a balancing act. Let me know how you are managing. Do you find yourself shopping for happiness and ending up dreary and remote? Share your pain! Your vague, indefinable, “maybe I’ll look in that store” pain!

I am gearing up for more “Excuse Me, Ghidorah?” — a three part interview with Peter Kreeft. It’s a good interview, I think, primarily because I was honest about my ignorance. If Dr. Kreeft implied a logical connection, I let him know I had no idea what he meant. I then let him know that the explanation he offered was still over my head. Eventually, he had to resort to puppets and those felt boards with the two dimensional people and an After School Special starring a young Kristy McNichols.

I’ll start work on it this weekend — with a new podcast uploaded sometime next week. Also, better sound quality!


~ by christianhalloweenfan on September 30, 2005.

3 Responses to “GAAAAAAAAAAH!”

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  2. Lint! Good to hear your voice again – even if you need to scream in our ears.

    I’ve just finished my Christmas album – it’s at the manufacturer. Very exciting. Very terrifying (gosh, did I scratch the master as I was taking it out of the CD player at the studio? What if they make a mistake and give me 1000 copies of “Raffi and the Whale”? Did I leave the iron on?). Very expensive. Product arrives in two weeks – I’ll keep you posted.

    Looking forward to the interview with Peter Kreeft! I’m sure he’s glad to be back in touch with you. Don’t know if he mentioned Gary’s and my aborted attempt to start up a print WONDER again a couple years ago – we’d approached him at a lecture he gave at a Christian college out here and asked if he’d be interested in being on the board of a nonprofit entity to publish it. When we mentioned it, he remembered you all with great warmth.

    Talk to you again soon, Kathie

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