Peter Kreeft Part Deux

What can I say? I’m sitting in Peter Kreeft’s office. The phone rang. Peter Kreeft answered it — and proceeded to talk throughout November, December and January! Can you believe it? And I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad!

Okay. I’ll fess up. A new episode of Excuse Me, Ghidorah? is now available. Sorry this is getting out so late. (If you don’t see it in iTunes yet, try or pc right click/mac control click on “Peter Kreeft Part Deux” above to download the linked file.)

The thing is, Excuse Me, Ghidorah? hasn’t really taken the form of other homespun podcasts. So far, it isn’t really conversational and spontaneous. Rather, I have leaned toward providing really meaty, involving, sometimes complex and challenging material that you can sink your teeth into. I can’t really knock that out. But maybe I’ll give the other approach a try and just blab a bit about what I have been thinking about lately, etc. That’s sort of like providing the challenging material, except you have to sort through the blather to get to the good stuff — which is a process I usually go thru when writing an actual article.

It might be fun. So this approach will begin with a look at the Infinite Crisis going on over at DC Comics. This is a universe-wide event involving every single freakin’ DC Comics character. There is a specific series named “Infinite Crisis”. But this is just the skeleton of the thing. The rest consists of storylines working through various series — so that you get Wonder Woman’s side of the story, Superman’s side, even the various super villians’ sides of the story! It’s really quite amazing. I almost hesitate to recommend it, though, because any attempt to keep up with the various plotlines as well as the meta narrative (whatever that is — I hope to find out and share the joy) lobs a pretty big grenade into one’s wallet. But I figure if it stirs up enthusiasm as well as a sort of pleasant consternation in me it’s probably worth it.

Some recommended podcasts:

Comic Geek Speak

Comic Book Noise


The Golden Age of Comic Books
(noticing a pattern here?)

Collected Comics Library

NPR: Story of the Day — specifically download “NPR: ‘My Lobotomy’: Howard Dully’s Journey”. It is excellent.

Catholic Exchange’s Rock Solid with Mark Shea

Franciscan Voice

Podcasting Priest
(There’s something flukey about the connection — but give it a try just to get ahold of the three podcasts featuring homilies delivered by Father Richard John Neuhaus at Columbia University.)


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