Our Halloween spooktacular commences with an excerpt from The Magic Eightball Test: A Christian Defense of Halloween and All Things Spooky (read by the author). Actually, just before that you’ll get some first hand info about the Fundamentalist backlash against the book. Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) on the title to this post to download the mp3. Or take a look at iTunes or podcastalley.com — it should show up there pretty soon.

The Fundie backlash was exactly as fun as it sounds. Just let those words fall trippingly across the tongue: Fun-da-men-ta-list back-lash. Perhaps there is a ride at the Georgia State Fair by the same name. “Hey, Mama! I’m gonner go for a ride on the Fundamentalist Backlash!”

If you want a more complete report, hit this link. It will download the press kit for The Magic Eightball Test, which includes an article about said backlash (“Fun-da-men-ta-list back-lash-uh”), as well as many other treats for curious souls like yourself. To order the book for the mere pittance of $12.95, head to this order page. (For even MORE info, if you can stand it, head to www.hambangers.com.)

This is the first episode in which excuse me, ghidorah? acts as a shill for that nefarious publishing concern, Hambangers Junction. That’s right — THE Hambangers Junction. The one your Grandpappy told you stories about while you drifted off to sleep and in that awful Gabby Hayes voice of his: “Yessir, don’t let nobody tell ya different. That Hambangers Junction is out there, in the dark, in the trees…all spooky-like.”

Okay, the caffeine is wearing off and I can behave normally — or at least provide a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Hambangers Junction is the name of a publishing company started by yours truly (“Lint Hatcher… pleased to meetcha!”). The plan is to put Apocalypse on Aisle 4, for example, the podcasting of which comprises the first three episodes of excuse me, ghidorah?, into print. Likewise, things like a Monster Fan 2000 Compendium, and perhaps a Roadside America book, and even perhaps a book about Michael Polanyi, the moral imagination (not what you think it is), and the aforementioned Fundamentalist rejection of festivals like Halloween.
Exciting, ain’t it?

So, from now on, this is the official podcast of said publishing concern. Which means nothing will change at all. So don’t worry about it.

Some Halloween notes for those of you who scan the airwaves for cool stuff to record on the old Tivo:

On Turner Classic Movies
Plan 9 from Outer Space — hosted by Rob Zombie — Friday, Oct. 13, 2 am
Bride of the Monster — ditto — Friday, Oct. 13, 3:30 am
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse — one of my all time favorite films — Sunday, Oct. 15, 2 am
Vampyr — another stop, drop, and roll favorite of mine — Friday, Oct. 20, 10:30 pm
Kwaidan — early (and lavish) example of Asian horror — Sunday, Oct. 22, 2 am
Alfred Hitchcock interviewed by Dick Cavett — Monday, Oct. 23, 12:45 pm
The Walking Dead — Karloff film directed by Michael Curtiz — Friday, Oct. 27, 10:30 pm
Eyes Without A Face — haven’t seen this one yet — Sunday, Oct. 29, 2 am
Freaks — my first viewing of this Tod Browning film — Oct. 31, 6 am

There are several top notch Val Lewton films also included in the TCM lineup. Hop over to their website and check out the October schedule.

Also, here are some other film titles you might do a search for online or with the old Tivo (many of which I have never seen — so let the scryer beware):
Thralls, Thirteen Women, Warning Sign, Daughter of the Mind, The Cave, Creature Unknown, The Other, It Waits, Miners Massacre, Larva, Mad Love, Madhouse, Octane, Premonition, Night Must Fall, Necronomicon, Rest Stop

Maybe TCM will reshow Goke, which I missed, and the London After Midnight montage thingee, which I missed for about the third year in a row!

Please feel free to post your comments. Happy Halloween!


~ by christianhalloweenfan on October 11, 2006.

3 Responses to “Halloween-A-Go-Go”

  1. Lint! Good to see you’re back blogging. Your press kit for TM8BT looks great. And, you’re a great interviewer (and interviewee). ;^)

    A blessed Halloween season to you, my friend. Best wishes to Susan and the kids as well.

  2. Just found your ‘cast. I love it and am working my way through the archives. Thanks!

  3. Love the ape story. You should podcast again with similar stories. Podcast again itself would be awesome. Do you write everything down first before podcasting? You have have wonderful imagery that flows from your podcast. Can’t wait until you podcast again.

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