Luv Offerin’

Ah, well. We all find ourselves in financial difficulty from time to time, scrambling for possible resources. I am involved right now in such a scramble (listen closely and you can actually hear the scrambling…) and it occurred to me that some people might have enjoyed these podcasts enough to donate something to the cause. This is especially possible since research has revealed a strange coincidence: fully 80% of Ghidorah listeners are self-made billionaires for whom a $10,000 donation is a mere dollop, smidgen, tad or scintilla. The other 20% will just have to limit themselves to tens and twenties.

Seriously, though, if Ghidorah has proved helpful, has saved your life and the lives of others, has put you on the road to recovery, has delivered you from the power of darkness, has offered a glimmer of hope in an otherwise downbeat day, has been slightly more interesting than the average episode of “Green Acres”, has set your toes to tappin’, has been the wind beneath your wings, has sent you screaming into the night (or the mid afternoon – I’m not picky), then would you consider tossing a coin in yonder fountain? There’s a brand new donation button to the right of this post. Or you can use our handy built in button below. Unless they don’t work. In which case, would somebody please let me know?




~ by christianhalloweenfan on August 16, 2007.

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