Make Mine Mexican

I am a man of many obsessions. Fortunately, they typically occur one at a time. Currently, I have become fascinated with Mexican horror films and the timing could not be better. Such films are usually to be found in a video cheapbin and with print quality leaving much to be desired. In other words, crappy. Now, however, a DVD company by the name of CasaNegra Entertainment is providing quality editions of such films as El Vampiro, El Ataud Del Vampiro (that is, The Vampire and The Vampire’s Coffin), El Baron Del Terror (aka Brainiac), and Misterios De Ultratumba (The Black Pit of Dr. M) with generous dvd extras and wonderful attention to detail. One of my favorite features is a strange sheet of mini cards that comes with each dvd. They have the look of Tarot cards, but they’re not. Rather, they are various characters from the films in the CasaNegra vault and all of them illustrated in a lush, Latin painterly style. Very monsteriffic, if you know what I mean. I have found CasaNegra dvds in used condition at very reasonable prices on Amazon. Otherwise, you can visit the CasaNegra website.

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~ by christianhalloweenfan on November 15, 2007.

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