Lint is glad it’s Friday

I am very “psyched” as you people in America say. “Psyched” about Facebook, which I’m sure you already know about, and Flock, a web browser I recently stumbled across. Flock puts a more personal spin on your web browsing by adding social networking, photo sharing, and blogging to the up-front controls of your browser. (Normally, these tasks are divided between separate programs.) In my case, this has made blogging much easier. I thought iLife would accomplish that, but, while the iLife suite does provide blogging tools in iWeb, the search engine visibility of your iWeb-produced/dotMac hosted site leaves a lot to be desired. A LOT. I am still trying to get to show up on Google. And that after providing a sitemap, etc. Once I created an official Christian Halloween Fan weblog, however, ( ) several references/links to the blog immediately began popping up here and there (brought to my attention by Google Alerts).

So I suppose I shall have to promote the blog as a doorway into the site — until I get the Google question figured out. (In fairness to iWeb/dotMac, the CHF domain name does “redirect” to content on the dotMac server, so that may be part of the problem.)

Anyhow, the means to this end turns out to be Flock. Because Flock has built-in blogging tools, I can post both to the Christian Halloween Fan blog and its sister blog/podcast, excuse me, ghidorah?, with a minimum of fuss. (I searched in vain for any Mac OSX free/shareware that allowed multiple blog postings.) It’s these little advancements that push me toward actually posting at least once a week.

I challenge myself to post several times a week — probably Monday and Thursday. So there, I toss down the gauntlet at my very own feet! I frog myself upon the arm! I strike a martial arts pose with hand extended forward and do that little “come on, then” thing with my fingers — at myself no less!

A brief pop-cultural recommendation:  Give John Morehead’s excellent blog, TheoFantastique, a try. He provides a more cohesive, academic approach to the relationship between imagination and faith than I will ever accomplish, plus lots of interviews with interesting folks — most of whom will never show up as an interviewee in Fangoria or Rue Morgue. It’s the sort of blog you might expect from the sci-fi/fantasy/horror corner of McFarland publishing. Very highly recommended.

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~ by christianhalloweenfan on November 16, 2007.

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