About Lint Hatcher

I am a graphic designer by day and writer by night – except on leap years when it is reversed. Although I had ambitions as a horror fantasy writer, a rather dramatic conversion experience (from smart-alecky agnostic to evangelical Christian) drop-kicked me into the world of Christian apologetics (C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, J. P. Moreland) and charismatic movement spirituality (what an awkward combination that was!). A conflict arose, however, owing to the pietistic bent of evangelical culture. By pietism, I mean the devaluing/even prohibition of “worldly” popular culture and elevation of various “spiritual” pursuits. Much of the wonder and awe I had experienced in life up to this point came from fantastic literature and film — in other words, “worldly” popular culture. Religion should be all about awe and mystery and wonder. So why the dichotomy? Thus, an internal wrestling match began.

The result was Wonder magazine which I published for several years, partnering with Rod Bennett. The best way to describe Wonder is “What if C. S. Lewis went to see Star Wars and wrote a review of it for Famous Monsters?” We rummaged through the things we loved in popular culture and attempted to draw out the How and Why behind the awe, delight and obsessive fanboy behavior they inspired. Wonder gained national distribution after a few issues and we kept at it for about eight years. So far as pietism is concerned, the Wonder-inspired answer to my conflict was simply this: culture matters. Period. There is always a cultural context to communication about faith, always a cultural context to our experience of faith. Pop culture IS the general, shared culture of our day. For many people, it is popular film and literature that gives life to theological concerns – far more than church or Scripture study or even conversation. Unless it’s 2 AM, you’re half drunk, and you and your best friend are lying on the hood of your car, staring up at the stars. THEN, maybe, someone will say, “Do you ever wonder what it all means?”

In addition to Wonder, I have written articles for Rutherford magazine, Creative Loafing, Wrapped In Plastic, Gadfly and Cornerstone magazine on topics ranging from UFOs to Stephen King to Twin Peaks. (Well, I don’t suppose that’s very wide-ranging.) I’ve given seminars at the Cornerstone Festival on consumer culture/commodification, kitsch, Halloween, The X-Files, and the differing worldviews expressed in classic horror films and modern horror films. Much of that material has found its way into my podcast, excuse me, ghidorah?, and onto my winsome new website, ChristianHalloweenFan.com, the official blog of which is found here at WordPress.

The only book so far with my name on the cover is The Magic Eightball Test: A Christian Defense of Halloween and All Things Spooky (Lulu Press).


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